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Sterling English by Séverine WatsonIt's Elementary, my dear Watson!

As a dual French and British national, born and bred in the UK and now living in the Gers in southwest France, I have literally straddled the French/British divide my whole life. 


I'm passionate about languages, intercultural communication and bridging the language gap, hence my decision to go into translation.

Professional background

I've worked as a translator working from French and Spanish into English since 2011, straight after getting my MA in Interpreting and Translation from the University of Bath, UK. 


I started out as a technical translator working for a technical publications agency in Toulouse, France, where I spent seven years working for some of the biggest names in the aeronautical industry including Safran and Airbus. 


In 2020, I decided it was time to move on. I wanted to liaise with my clients directly and forge strong relations with them as I translated their texts in a variety of fields: architecture and construction, agrifood, biotech, food, travel and tourism, occupational health and safety, humanitarian organisations, IT, jewellery, renewable energies and more. 


Since 2020, here at Elementary Translations, I have been working hard to ensure my translations are:

  •   🎯 of a high quality,
  •   🎯 faithful to the original,
  •   🎯 clear and unambiguous,
  •   🎯 a good read in English,
  •   🎯 produced by a human (yours truly).

I learn from others and share with others

Continuous professional development is important to me, as is staying abreast of the latest trends in the translation industry.


That's why I regularly attend translator training sessions and conferences to learn from the best so that I can put my new skills to good use for my clients. 


I regularly share translation tips and experiences on LinkedIn, am part of a snippet slam group and a revision group, and I have even hosted translation snippet slam workshops at the Mediterranean Editor's and Translator's annual conference in 2022 and 2023.


I am proud of what I do and am a member of the following translator associations:

I love what I do because I know that good translations make all the difference.

And I strongly believe that my customers deserve translations that hit the mark

and are truly worth their while.