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What exactly is a freelance translator, and how can that help you?


What exactly is a freelance translator, and how can that help you?

It's not easy to find your way in the online jungle of language service providers and freelance linguists. Time for a little clarity about the merits of working with a freelance translator who has an intimate knowledge of her field and an array resources you may be unaware of.

When you first meet someone and want to find out more about them, one of the first questions you’ll probably ask is what that person does for a living. So, when you find out that they work as a freelance translator, what kind of image does that conjure up for you? 

You could be forgiven for falling into the trap of confusing the role of translator with that of an interpreter (don’t worry, it happens a lot).

Perhaps you’ll also think that being a translator is synonymous with being a walking, talking dictionary who can spew out words in the blink of an eye. I’m sorry to burst the bubble. Any linguist worth their salt will tell you that context is king and that there are so many possible translations for just one word. However, we are resourceful and can work our way out of a linguistic tangle.


Perhaps when you hear the word freelancer, you might picture that person as a lone entity, working from a home office with fewer resources than an agency or company. 

If so, think again! As with so many sectors, it’s all about networking, networking, networking – and successful freelance translators are just as aware. As the African proverb goes: “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” 

Whether online or in person, we have a community of translators whom we get to know personally and who we trust to discuss sentences that are open to interpretation, ensure we are indeed using terms suited to the industry, and share and benefit from the experience of others.


Taking businesses further: If your company sees that your brand is gaining traction abroad, you’ll want to tap into the potential revenue. So, how do you go about getting a document translated? Are you experiencing or have you experienced any problems in getting a decent text that genuinely represents your values? How do you cope when you need to translate a document into several languages and don’t know where to turn to? 


Making life easier for individuals: Because life is complicated enough, let me put my linguistic expertise to your service to make wading through foreign documents that bit easier. After all, once you fully understand what it is you are reading, you're in a much better position to be able to act accordingly.



How I can help you


  • Services tailored to you – Because you’re not necessarily aware of just how much a translator can add value to your business, I’m here to guide you through that process. I’ll take the time to determine what exactly you need and what you should expect to gain from your translated texts. 


  • A simple process – Do you want to be free of the stress of having to find a trustworthy and reliable translator? Simply contact me by phone or by email to discuss your needs. I promise to get back to you quickly with the best possible solution for you. Whether you have a large project in mind, need a specialist service, or need a document to be translated into multiple languages or in a short time frame, rest assured,  if I can't take on the project myself, I’ll tap into my network to work to find the right person for you. I work with like-minded, conscientious translators and will only recommend those who I personally have worked with or who have been tried and tested by those in my circle.


  • The benefit of experience – Ten years in the industry, extensive studies in translation and continuing professional development, coupled with work in a translation agency, have given me a solid basis to offer the very best services. 
    I keep my finger on the pulse to use the technology available to ensure consistency in my work, the use of terminology suited to your industry and, above all, solutions that work for you.


You deserve the best.

Feel safe in the knowledge that you’re in good hands

when it comes to translation and the many other services that I offer.