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Why is it important to have a good translation?


Got a product or service you're proud of and that you now feel ready to market in another country? Feel tempted to rely on the language skills of one of your members of staff who has spent several years in that country? Be careful: unless you hired that person specifically for their linguistic skills as a translator, there is a very high risk of error - whether it be a simple typo that is easy to correct or, more worrying, an incomprehensible translation due to an incorrect understanding of an expression or not knowing that a given word has multiple meanings.


If I've grabbed your attention, it's because you too want to make sure you don't go down the slippery road of unintelligible, unnatural or, worse still, totally unsuitable translations for your client base. You want to project the right image in English that will ultimately translate into sales.


Languages, just like many other areas of our lives, are subject to constant change: some words are coined, others become the buzzword of the moment, some no longer have anything to do with their original meaning and others fall completely off the radar and into disuse.


Don’t improvise and waste valuable resources attempting translation in-house if that’s not where your forte lies – it will only end up with you having to spend more time and money to resolve an issue later on. It would be a real shame to have spent so much time and energy on building your corporate image to fall at the last hurdle when it comes to producing your work in English.


Translation is a profession in itself that requires the skills of linguists who have a true command of

their native language.


So why not let a professional like me get your message across?


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Welcome to Elementary Translations!

If you're looking for fluent, high-quality English documents produced by a qualified and experienced translator, then the good news is that you're in the right place.


My name is Séverine Watson and I’m a French and Spanish to English translator with over seven years' experience in the trade providing translation, proofreading, cross-check, localisation and audio transcription services.




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